Wednesday, June 1, 2011

International Children's Day - June 1st

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   International Children's Day - in Polish "Dzień Dziecka" is celebrated in Poland , Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine since 50's and it falls on June 1st. However, it is also a common holiday in many other countries and it falls on different days during a year. International Children's Day was an initiative of an organization called International Union for Protection of Childhood. Its main goal was to assure safety to all the children in the world. Speeches about children's rights, safety and well being are very popular during this holiday. There are many events for children organized on this day which include concerts, plays and festivals filled with many attractions. Parents buy small gifts and candy for their children, while teachers organize fun day at school, or rather without school, by taking students on field trips, to the movies and buying them ice cream.
   Although, this day is reserved for children only, my mom keeps sending me cards and small gifts till today :) As my mama says, I will remain her child forever. It is one of the sweetest things she does for me and I love being a CHILD="DZIECKO"... :)

"Szczęśliwego Dnia Dziecka!"
 Happy Children's Day to you all !!!

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