Thursday, August 9, 2012

My brother is visiting! A word about tourist visa.

It's been a while since my last blog post.
Lots of great things happened and I've been positively distracted.
Finally, I got a chance to host my brother! It's a big deal for me!
For the first time, a close family member from Poland is visiting! :o)

Imagine the distance, the Atlantic Ocean between us, the time difference and plane ticket prices!
We don't get too many chances to see each other.
We're skyping, using social network web sites, sending postcards and e-cards, texting...
I miss my family every day and I'm so grateful for today's technology, but nothing can replace face to face meetings, hugs and laughs!
Horrifying prices of the plane tickets are not the only issue for my family in Poland.
They have to deal with visas, too.
For many people it used to be a discouraging, intimidating and disappointing process (and also expensive one!).
Poland has been waiting patiently for some changes about visas. Different promises and negotiations around this topic took place. Who knows, maybe future will be brighter?...

I believe, that certain things have changed for better though - online application process, short awaiting time for the interview and no long lines in front of the US Embassy!
I was really happy for my brother that he was able to take care of everything and that visa process went really smooth.

All the instructions how to apply for a tourist visa, forms and steps that you need to take can be found on the United States Embassy web site:
This video, prepared by the United States Embassy in Warsaw might be helpful too.

And one more thing...
Anyone travelling with a tourist visa is expected to be a tourist, doesn't have work permit and can not extend his/her stay in the United States.
I answer this kind of questions a lot. I think, that some people get a little suspicious because of the illegal immigration problem in the U.S., but I try not to get offended. I just patiently explain them "the rules" :)