Thursday, June 28, 2012

Łazienki Królewskie - Łazienki Park, Warsaw

Palace on the Water
Source: Family pictures
Author: Maciej P.
Łazienki Królewskie  (or Park Łazienkowski) is the largest park in Warsaw, Poland (76 hectares).
The Park is full of interesting buildings, sculptures, monuments and beautiful gardens.
It's a must-see place in Warsaw!!!
It was created in XVIII century for Polish King Stanislaw August Poniatowski.
The park-and-palace complex is located in the city center, and is considered to be the one of the most beautiful parks in Europe.
Loved by tourists and loved by locals, the Łazienki Park used to be a summer residence of the King Stanislaw August.
The name Łazienki Królewskie means literally "Royal Baths", from a bathhouse that was rebuilt and transformed into the King's Palace, known today as Palace on the Water -  Pałac na Wodzie or Palace on the Island - Pałac na Wyspie.
Closer shot
Source: Family pictures
Author: Maciej P.
Roller skating, skateboarding and biking are banned in the park.
Chasing peacocks or squirrels across beautiful green grass isn't recommended either. (I know, everyone wants a snap shot of that beautiful peacock !... :-)
Squirrels - spoiled by the visitors, come close enough to get food. They might even share a bench with you, and eat nuts from your hand! Be careful though... What if you meet some crazy squirrel (crazy enough to bite you??? ;o)

Peacock - one of many in the Łazienki Park
Source: Family pictures
Author: Maciej P.
Many cultural events take place in the Łazienki Królewskie Park and the most popular are Fryderyk Chopin's Concerts, that I mentioned before in one of the older posts.

For a full history of the park, exhibits of the Royal Collections, pictures, etc. you might want to check this website: Lazienki Krolewskie.
For more pictures click here.

Source: Family pictures
Author: Maciej P.
The pictures posted here are courtesy of my cousin Maciej P. who is the author.

Friday, June 8, 2012

EURO 2012 starts!

EURO 2012 logo
Source: Google

Today, June 8, 2012
Poland will play with Greece
at the National Stadium in Warsaw.
Time: 18.00.
Good Luck Bialo-Czerwoni!