Thursday, February 7, 2013

Don't forget to grab a doughnut today!

It's this time of the year again!
Fat Thursday - Tlusty Czwartek!
Busy with my baby, I didn't realize it until today. My family and friends have been posting pictures of paczki (doughnuts) since early morning and my mouth is watering now...
Thanks guys! ;-)

If you are not participating in Paczki Eating Contest, you still need to eat at least one paczek today! If not, the rest of the year might not go too well for you... ;o)
This excuse is good enough to indulge in this sugar & fat pleasure. Fine with me and with many Poles! :-D

Let me also recommend another popular Fat Thursday treat: faworki.
Crispy, mouth watering, simply delicious! Mmmm... Mmmm.... Mmmm!
You can find out how to make faworki under the Recipes/Food category.
Happy Fat Thursday!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Krzywy Domek, Sopot

If you like modern architecture, you might find this building interesting.
Krzywy Domek (Crooked House) in Sopot, Poland can be found on a list of "11 of Europe's most bizarre buildings" by CNN.
More information about this building can be found on