Wednesday, July 20, 2011


 I know, I know... People ask me all the time if I know how to make pierogi... Well, while being away from Poland, I CRAVE to make them! So, I gave them a try... few times, actually :) I remember my first pierogi, which I made for Christmas Eve for me and my husband, here in US. It was Christmas at our first home. They turned out quite nice, but next time I made them, they looked like Pokemons :)) (not, that I am against Pokemons). This time, I took it easy, and I am finally satisfied! :) The best pierogi for summer time are those with strawberries or blueberries :) Before you decide to make pierogi, make sure to have time and patience. It is going to be a little bit messy, so just have fun with it! And take your jewelry off, because it is going to be difficult to clean it.

Own source
2 cups of flour,
hot water

Ingredients for filling:
strawberries, blueberries, farm cheese, sauerkraut, mushrooms, sauerkraut and mushrooms, meat, potatoes and farm cheese, potatoes and onions... and many more :) 
Wash strawberries and remove green parts. Set aside. I didn't add any sugar, because strawberries are naturally sweet.

Mix flour and egg in a bowl using a fork (less messy version, but you can do it also on a clean countertop). Gradually add hot water, mix it in, and start kneading the dough with your hand until it is elastic.

You might need to add more water or more flour, if the dough is too hard or too loose. This part is a little bit tricky... Most of recipes don't give exact amount of water which should be used. You will need to modify it while kneading the dough, whatever works best for you.

Once your dough is ready, sprinkle your working surface with flour (the best is large wooden board) and do the same with your rolling pin. It prevents the dough from sticking. Divide the dough into 3-4 parts and roll each one until it is 1-2 mm thick. Cut circles using a large, round cookie cutter.

Place filling on one half of each circle, and stick the edges together using your fingers, and then using a fork. You don't need to put too much filling. In fact, I had trouble using whole strawberries, and I had to cut them into halves.

Boil water with salt in a large pot and then cook pierogi. Wait until they float and cook for 2-3 minutes longer. Serve them with creamer or cool whip. I usually use sour cream (8 oz.), granulated sugar and vanilla sugar (stir it well). It is delicious!
Given amount is good for around 18-20 pierogi. You can use more flour, if you want to make more pierogi :)
And after :)
Own source
And strawberries..
Own source

For pierogi with blueberries:
Wash blueberries and mix them with sugar (2 tbsp)
For pierogi with sauerkraut:
Cook sauerkraut for around 30 min, cool and chop;
Chop an onion and fry it until golden (but not brown);
Combine sauerkraut, onion, salt, pepper
and cook on medium heat for another 20 min
For pierogi with sauerkraut and mushrooms:
Add chopped mushrooms to the ingredients above before cooking
 The best are dried mushrooms
- first soaked in hot water and left for couple hours, then chopped.
If you don't have dried mushrooms, regular mushrooms will work too.
For Russian pierogi - pierogi ruskie:
Cook potatoes, cool and smash them with a fork;
Fry chopped onion until golden;
Crumble farm cheese;
Mix all ingredients, add salt and pepper
For pierogi with meat:
Day or few days before:
 save one roll/bun and wait until it gets dry
(don't cover it);
When you ready to make a filling for pierogi:
Cook beef and use grinder to finely chop it;
Chop and fry onion until golden; 
Place the roll in water or milk until it softens,
gently squeeze it,
and add to beef and fried onion;
Add 2 tbsp of bullion, salt and pepper,
 and if you like, add some nutmeg
Pierogi can be cooled after cooking and fried on butter for extra crunch.

Serve them with small pieces of fried bacon or fried chopped onion (the spicy ones :)).

Garnish with fresh dill.
I always have fresh dill with my pierogi!!!
Looks great and its aroma tells me, that it is PIEROGI TIME... ;o)


  1. I <3 pierogi's... although I have never had them except frozen potato cheddar. The blueberry/strawberry ones sound DIVINE!! How did I get so lucky to have a cousin who knows how to do all this good cooking!! Love it!

    Love: Sonia

  2. :) I am not an expert.. I try... I make mess... try again.. haha! Sometimes, I have no patience... Thank you Sonia!!!I am so glad, that you are reading the blog and like it!:) Love, Sylwia