Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas grocery shopping

Big Christmas grocery shopping behind me.
It can be hectic, especially when looking for the products that are needed for Christmas Eve dinner in Polish style. 

Here are some must-have products, that I am always looking for:
Carp is the king of the Polish Christmas Eve table!!! Apparently, it's not popular here...
It's considered to be a dirty fish that often comes from dirty rivers.
I could have it ordered in one of the local stores, but no...
After hearing all the stories and seeing many surprised faces, I am going to wait and I will have it in Poland. Better to be safe than sorry.
I grabbed a frozen chunk of salmon instead... Will make a lemon pepper salmon with butter. My husband is in charge of salmon and I trust him completely, he is a great cook!

- Herrings
I have never been a big fan of them, but there must be some herrings on the Christmas Eve table... Got herrings in a can. Product of Germany. Close enough :o)

The label says: "Polish style". Did a trick, plus I had no other choice...

- Dried mushrooms
They are essential for Christmas cooking!! For red borscht, sauerkraut, pierogi filling... The only item that I missed and have to buy.

- Poppy seed cake filling (or poppy seed)
I ordered it online in "Polish Store in USA". It was a good call. Definitely recommend the store, however shipping is spendy. If you live in a bigger city, many stores have poppy seed, but staff will give you some weird looks, when asking for another jar of poppy seed ;o) The jars are small, period.

- Red borscht - beets soup
I am satisfied with an instant version, sent each year by my wonderful mom. My husband loves it too! And who said, that everything has to be made from scratch? :))

Anyways, I am ready to head to my kitchen and make my traditions last. Wish me luck!

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