Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pepper cheese and red currant jam crescents. Really.

This is not a mistake :D
I made crescents filled with 3 pepper cheese and red currant jam...
And I enjoyed every bite!
When I was a kid, I loved spreading some jam or honey over a slice of cheese on my sandwich.
And I swear, I wasn't alone in this guilty, you can call it "weird", pleasure.
Some of my friends, cousins and relatives would do the same!
Lately, I was reading about weird flavor combos that people like, and cheese and jam were on the list :) "Too funny!" - I thought. - "Why not to bring memories back?". It's been a while since I had a sandwich like this anyway!

I used a can of Pillsbury crescent dough, filled crescents with a small amount of cheese and jam, and followed the instructions for baking. I dare you to try it! :)

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