Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day in Poland / Write your card in Polish!

Couldn't resist :)
Valentine's Day (in Polish: "Walentynki" / "Dzień Zakochanych") is celebrated in Poland since the beginning of the 90's. This American holiday became very popular in Poland and won hearts of the younger generation, but not only. People find it to be another ocassion to celebrate, go out and have a good time.
And it's celebrated in the same way - cards, flowers, chocolates, dinner, movies... Who doesn't like a holiday like this?
It's a perfect day to tell someone "I love you" - "Kocham Cię" or "I like you very much" - "Bardzo Cię lubię" for the very first time. It can be done in an anonymous way ("anonimowo") by sending a card or by a song dedication on the radio. However, most people decide to be brave and confess their feelings ("uczucia") in person.
Here is some help, if you wish to write a Valentine card in Polish :o)

Valentine phrases and vocabulary:
Kocham Cię - I love you
Kocham Cię bardzo - I love you so much
Lubię Cię - I like you (a feeling)
Podobasz mi się - I like you (finding someone attractive)
Zostań moją Walentynką - Be my Valentine
Jesteś słodka - You are sweet (about female)
Jesteś słodki - You are sweet (about male) 
Twoja Walentynka - Your Valentine (female)
Twój Walenty - Your Valentine (male)
Walentynki / Dzień Zakochanych - Valentine's Day
Walentynka - a card for Valentine's Day
Walentynki - cards for Valentine's Day (plural)
miłość - love
uczucie - a feeling
uczucia - feelings (plural)
serce - heart
Amor - cupid
kwiaty - flowers
czekoladki - chocolates
bilety do kina - tickets to the movies
kolacja - a dinner
romantyczna kolacja - a romantic dinner
pocałunek - a kiss
romantyczny pocałunek - a romantic kiss

Happy Valentine's Day!

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