Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Winter vocab - activities and clothes

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It's still a winter season in Poland, so I thought that some of you may find the winter vocabulary useful.
Poland has beautiful mountains in the south with many great skiing and snowboarding resorts. Polish three main mountain chains are: Góry Świętokrzyskie, Karpaty and Sudety. Personally, I am more of a hiking fan than a skiing fan (oops...), and trust me, Poland has some breathtaking views to offer.
My favorite winter activities are: hiking, snowball wars, making a snowman, sleigh ride ("kulig") and drinking hot chocolate! What about you?
For pronunciation, I recommend a Google Translator - it's pretty good! Have fun!
Winter Activities:
winter - zima
snow - śnieg
snow is falling - pada śnieg
snowball - śnieżka, kula śniegu
snowballs - śnieżki, kule śniegu
to throw snowballs - rzucać śnieżki
snowball war - bitwa na śnieżki
snowman - bałwan
to make a snowman - zrobić bałwana
ice - lód
ice skating rink - lodowisko
ice skates - łyżwy
go ice skating - iść na łyżwy
cold - zimno
sled - sanki
sled riding - zjeżdżać na sankach
sleigh - sanie
sleigh ride - kulig
*(sleigh pulled by horses)
ski - narty
skiing - jeździć na nartach
ski-lift - wyciąg narciarski
snowboard - deska do snowboard'u
mountains - góry
trip to the mountains - wycieczka w góry
hot chocolate - gorąca czekolada
Winter clothes:
beanie - czapka
hat - kapelusz
gloves - rękawiczki
scarf - szalik
jacket - kurtka
earmuffs - nauszniki
winter shoes - obuwie zimowe
boots - buty
sweater - sweter
turtleneck - golf
vest - kamizelka
long johns - kalesony :D

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