Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I love May! Kocham maj!

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Looks like little birds like us :-)
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Many people say that May is the most beautiful month of the year - "Maj jest najpiękniejszym miesiącem roku". And I agree...
I love May - "Kocham maj"!! :o)
Sunny days, green grass, blooming trees and flowers - everything (and everyone) is waking up after long winter.
People enjoy outdoors and take short weekend trips, that in Poland are called majowka.
Active or lazy, it doesn't matter - what matters is being close to the nature's beauty!

Enjoying spring with my camera ;-)
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Minnesota truly reflects four seasons that I experienced in Poland.
This place feels so homey to me.
And spring gives me the biggest kick of all :o)
Every little thing, that I find similar to life in Poland, is exciting!
Lots of trees and lakes, birds singing all day long and laying eggs in our flowers, lilac...
I adore it!

A few days ago, I snapped a photo of baby lilac next to our house - it should bloom in a month or so...
Can't wait!

Little baby lilac.
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I wish everyone great "majowka" trips, lazy picnic days and time to enjoy fresh, springy air!

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