Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Folk art inspired

The article about traditions in "Świat Kobiety" magazine.
It all started with my mom sending to me a magazine.
I read about the store that sells Polish folk art and folk art inspired items, and since then I am hooked!
I LOVE decorative items inspired by Polish folk art. I just want them all :)
Few years ago, I wouldn't even care about folk art.
It seemed old fashioned to me, especially when there was a trend for modern, convenient and simple things
(I am a youth fascinated with IKEA style - "simple, put it together").
It is pretty amazing how the items inspired by Polish folk art can be easily implemented to any home decor. I love the ideas!
The website introduces us to Łowicz  folk art that is famous for its colorful costumes (velvet dresses, vests, shirts, belts, hats, purses), but also jewelry, paper cut-outs, dolls, embroidered (hand or machine) pillowcases, throws and tablecloths.
There are lots of items inspired by Łowicz  folk art, such as plates, mugs, t-shirts and even cute socks!
My favorite of all time are pillows with roosters (inspired by paper cut-outs), a clock with paper cut-out design and black & white mugs.
Check out all the colors of the rainbow and tell me how not to fall in love with this stuff ?? :O)
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  1. Polska ludowość jest piękna! Szkoda, że wielu naszych rodaków jej nie docenia.